Agro-food sector (Food)

For many years, our team has been actively involved in the agro-food sector. Our work consists in monitoring the packaging centers to verify the processing, quality and conformity of the product. We have successfully tackled many projects some of which (just by way of example) are still active and make us proud for the results obtained:
– the Pink Lady campaign in South Tyrol and Emilia, a project followed from 2010 to 2017
– with the Vignaioli di Castellinando project in 2016, some important wineries, with a brand, were selected to certify the quality of their local Roero wines.

Our performance guarantees the brand the quality process and compliance with the regulations.
We deal with food inspection from production:
– batch control
– analysis, shelf life
– labeling
– packaging
– storage conditions
– suitability of the means used for logistics