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Who we are

Inspection Control Surveyors

We are a dynamic company, with 20 years of experience in the quality sector active in Italy and abroad. We rely on our human resources, we believe in the networks of professionals that we have formed over the years and which are the added value of our service. What do we do? We give personalized services to our customers. We analyze the productions; We improve flows and processes; We create improvement plans; We develop skills and support control activities with tested procedures. Where can you find us? We are based in Silea, a few steps from Treviso but our team is all over Italy and we have partners all over Europe. What services do we provide? We deal with company audits, social audits, product inspections, analysis of production systems and procedures relating to quality. We carry out checks on the supply chain; we qualify suppliers; we develop feasibility plans; we carry out sustainability and training analyzes.

How have we lived the time?

We have accumulated the wealth of experience gained in these 20 years in order to start from an initial point which were the controls on consumer goods to continue with the growth as suppliers of large multinationals from which we have learned the structured approach of large companies, of the globalized vision of the expanding world. We have collected successful projects that have challeged us, but that have brought out the best in each of us. Where are we going to go? We look to the future with objectives that have as their center the quality of the service rendered with the application of the most modern methods but at the same time more suitable for customers, remaining convinced that one of our greatest pluses is our team of specialists who continue to be trained thanks to our investment in resources. Keywords: Customized. This is the word that best describes our business. We create activities based on specific needs, behind each assignment there is an in-depth study and a team that analyzes, processes and creates the service. What makes us different: clear communication; precise methodologies and tools; fast and quick response; involvement of experts in the sector and multidisciplinarity.

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