Luxory Goods Inspections (Product inspection)

The market needs also require very high standards in ever shorter times and therefore it is so essential to certify and ensure the requirements of luxury brand products starting from the production chain to the supply chain to verify that suppliers maintain certain product or service quality standards, up to supplying to sales points and distribution. This will allow companies to:

– improve the quality and speed of response to a variable and highly competitive market
– optimize the performance of products and promote their sustainability and safety
– protect the reputation of their brand by guaranteeing the trust of customers
– strengthen control of the distribution network
– improve the internal control system and risk management
– evaluate the quality of suppliers

The inspection service with its Conformity Report is an activity that we started more than 15 years ago and we still carry out this service with the satisfaction of our customers. Why carry it out? Inspection is the action through which inspectors verify the correspondence of the goods contained in a shipment with the accompanying documents and with the statements provided by the customer who commission them. Professionals in the sector and very high quality standards can guarantee an excellent result of the verification carried out.

What does it consist of:
– Definition of targets, KPIs and quality standards
– Increase in the quality of products / processes
– Evaluation and reduction of risks
– Detection of non-compliance,
– Planning of controls and definition of corrective actions
– Production of verification reports and fast management of marks and / or non-conformities found.

Types of inspection
– Initial Production Inspection
– During Production Inspection
– Final Random Inspection
– 100% Inspection

All our checks are based on standards applicable to the product
1) ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1)
2) Military Standard 105E Sampling Plan Standard
3) 100% check