The geographical location has meant that this was one of the first areas of development of our business. Most of the interventions require the use of our employees for monitoring the loading and unloading of goods (even in the case of out-of-shape masses with positioning on the quay), for the relative checks of suitability of the hold and for the analysis of the phases of lashing and fixing.

I.C.S. also carries out appraisals and checks for accidental damage due to handling or inexperience.
Our technicians and our inspectors are in possession of ministerial passes that allow access, without further documentation, to all Italian port areas.

The main fields of activity, therefore, are:
– check holds;
– stowage assistance;
– suitability of the fixings;
– goods control on the quay;
– state of affairs;
– samples for loads of flours / cereals;
– stowage of container ships; – damage checks.